Fleetwood Mac 50 Years - Don't Stop (5 LP Box Set)

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Fleetwood Mac 50 Years - Don't Stop (5 LP Box Set)


A1 Shake Your Moneymaker 2:58
A2 Black Magic Woman 2:55
A3 Need Your Love So Bad 3:57
A4 Albatross 3:14
A5 Man Of The World 2:52
B1 Oh Well - Pt I 3:32
B2 Rattlesnake Shake 3:33
B3 The Green Manalishi (With The Two Prong Crown) 4:39
B4 Tell Me All The Things You Do 4:12
B5 Station Man (Single Version) 5:11
C1 Sands Of Time (Single Version) 3:03
C2 Spare Me A Little Of Your Love 3:47
C3 Sentimental Lady (Single Version) 3:02
C4 Did You Ever Love Me 3:43
C5 Emerald Eyes 3:35
D1 Hypnotized 4:49
D2 Heroes Are Hard To Find (Single Version) 2:27
D3 Monday Morning 2:47
D4 Over My Head (Single Version) 3:09
D5 Rhiannon (Will You Ever Win) (Single Version) 3:47
E1 Say You Love Me (Single Version) 4:02
E2 Landslide 3:20
E3 Go Your Own Way 3:39
E4 Dreams 4:17
E5 Second Hand News 2:54
F1 Don't Stop 3:14
F2 The Chain 4:30
F3 You Make Loving Fun 3:37
F4 Tusk 3:39
F5 Sara (Single Version) 4:37
G1 Think About Me (Single Version) 2:44
G2 Fireflies (Single Version) 3:34
G3 Never Going Back Again (Live 1980) 4:06
G4 Hold Me 3:45
G5 Gypsy 4:24
H1 Love In Store 3:14
H2 Oh Diane 2:37
H3 Big Love 3:42
H4 Seven Wonders 3:39
H5 Little Lies 3:40
I1 Everywhere 3:43
I2 As Long As You Follow 4:20
I3 Save Me (Single Version) 4:07
I4 Love Shines 4:48
I5 Paper Doll 3:59
J1 I Do (Edit) 3:49
J2 Silver Springs (Live-Edit 1997) 4:51
J3 Peacekeeper 4:11
J4 Say You Will 3:49
J5 Sad Angel 4:04

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