Nexi Industries CONNEXI

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Nexi Industries CONNEXI

Nexi Industries CONNEXI

The ConNEXI allows guitarists to take that classic pedal you have had for years and attach it with one click on to “The Solution” pedal board. This innovative solution came directly from listening to guitarists around the globe. Guitarists who might have a classic tube screamer or analog delay they cannot live without, can now put that particular pedal in the chain of The Solution pedal board, and drain 9volt power from the board. NEXI Industries pedal-board is essentially a self contained tuner, power supply and gloriously requires no patch cables that test out your soldering skills to breaking point. Not only is it all that and more it has a built in boost for when you truly need to drown out your bassist with pure saturation. Now you can, like any other NEXI proprietary designed pedal, plug in that fuzz pedal that has been handed down from father to son with the rumor that Jimi Hendrix once touched it without the worry of “did I solder the cable correctly”.

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